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Are You Self-employed?


Self-Employed? No Problem!

At GreenSpace Finance, our brokers are not just mortgage experts; they’re seasoned professionals who understand the intricate challenges of running a business. We pride ourselves on being well-versed in all areas of self-employment and equipped to navigate the complexities of various financial scenarios.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Sole Traders:

    As a sole trader, your business and personal finances are often intertwined. Our brokers possess the expertise to analyse sole traders’ financials comprehensively, ensuring you get the mortgage solution that aligns seamlessly with your unique financial structure.

  • Companies:

    For business owners operating under a company structure, our brokers are well-versed in reading and interpreting company tax returns. We understand the nuances of corporate finances and tailor our mortgage solutions to suit the needs of companies of all sizes.

  • Trusts:

    Navigating the financial intricacies of trusts requires a specialised skill set. Our brokers are adept at understanding trust structures and can guide you through the mortgage process with precision, ensuring your trust’s unique financial situation is well-addressed.

  • 1-year financials in isolation:

    We understand that business income can fluctuate. If you’ve been self-employed for just one year, our brokers are skilled at isolating and accurately assessing your financials to secure the mortgage you need.

  • Using “low doc”:

    For those who prefer a streamlined documentation process, our brokers excel in handling “low doc” applications. We leverage our expertise to make the mortgage application process smoother and more efficient for self-employed individuals.


Proactive Approach to Your Success!

Our brokers don’t just facilitate mortgages; they contribute to your financial success. We take a proactive approach, understanding that timing is crucial for self-employed individuals.

If you can’t afford the borrowing now, our brokers will work with you to strategise and discuss the necessary steps on your next tax return to meet your desired loan requirements.

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Ready to experience mortgage solutions designed for the self-employed? Contact one of our GreenSpace Finance Brokers today.

Our expert brokers are here to navigate the complexities of your self-employment journey, ensuring you achieve your homeownership goals.

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