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Customer Journey


Initial phone call 15-20 mins

Here we gather information about your finances and discuss your goals and objectives.


Email request for basic information

We request payslips and some basic information from you. This allows us to work out roughly what you can borrow in some different scenarios.


Discuss lending scenarios

Here we discuss different scenarios on how much you can borrow e.g. Buying a home to live in, Buying an investment property, selling a property and re buying. We also discuss how much deposit you require and approx. repayments etc.


Request full documents

Once we finalise which scenarios we are going with (above) we will email you and request ALL documents the lenders will require. We then research our whole panel of lenders to narrow down which lenders are most suitable.


Meeting to discuss lender recommendations – Face to face or Zoom call

In this meeting we narrow down and recommend which lenders we think are most suitable for you as well as any fees, repayments, processing times, etc.


Lodge pre approval

We lodge a pre-approval to the chosen lender. These are usually valid for 90 days but we can always ask them to extend if needed with a few updated documents (e.g. payslips)


You are now ready to make offers on properties

Please refer to our downloads page which has a full guide on making an offer.

Even though you have a pre-approval, we strongly recommend still making an offer subject to finance and building and pest.

(Discuss this further with a legal representative)


When you sign a contract

Let us know as quickly as you can and we will get the bank to convert the pre-approval to formal approval with the lender.


Settlement and beyond

We then assist you till settlement and beyond for the life of the loan.

DISCLAIMER: The above information is a guide only and subject to change. Before making any offers or financial decisions ensure you have consulted and discussed with the correct professional and sought the appropriate advice.