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Building a home can be a very complicated and confusing process, dealing with the Land, Builder and Finance.

Our Brokers have built their owns homes PLUS also funded hundreds builds so they are experts in the whole Build process.

Our brokers assist you from you’re initial land enquiry right up until the home is built and keys handed over.

We know all the tricky sales tactics that the BUILD sales staff try. We help you get an accurate borrowing capacity on what the actual LAND and BUILD price will be, not the builders initial base price estimates.

We will guide you through

  • Land buying process

  • Getting an accurate Build price

  • Timeline

  • Progress payments

  • Paying deposits

  • Government Grants

Building Information Guide

This GUIDE has hints and tips on how to get an accurate price quickly from a builder, as well as how to avoid all the hidden costs and sales tricks they use!!

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